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- Field Notes - Florida Trophy Deer Study -
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Trophy Bucks - The Florida Buck Registry.
Florida Trophy Deer Study
This page contains a summary of Trophy Bucks taken in the state of Florida over a 5 year period.

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Trophy Deer Study

Florida Trophy Deer Study
by bp-Outdoors.com Staff

The analyzed data is presented in charts and tables  to show which weeks of the hunting season tend to produce trophy bucks.  Also, the numbers of registered trophy bucks per county are presented in tables to show which counties tend to produce the greatest numbers of trophy bucks in recent years.

(Click on the chart to see details.)

The above chart was create from 5 years worth of data contained in the the Florida Buck Registry.  The chart shows the number of trophy class deer taken in a given week of the year. 

Five years worth of data was used to create the chart in order to help identify a trend in the data.   The general idea for creating this chart is to show which week of the year has the greatest probability to produce a trophy deer.  The weeks with the greatest number of harvests appear to coincide loosely with season openings, the rut and holidays.

This seems to partly suggest that the numbers of trophy deer harvested are proportional to the number of hunters in the woods - the begining of each season is when the largest number of hunters are out. 

Trophy Buck Registry - The Florida Buck Registry was established in 1982 to provide hunters with a record of the number and quality of white-tailed deer taken in Florida.  The minimum antler score necessary to qualify is 100 Boone and Crockett inches for typical antlers and 125 for non-typical antlers.

The following table contains a list of the top trophy producing counties over the last 5 years.  The data also comes form the Florida Buck Registry.  These numbers do not include Bucks taken on WMA land.  See below for WMA numbers.

Florida's Big Buck Counties
County Ranking Trophy Bucks
1. Bay County 38
2. Alachua County 37
3. Madison County 37
4. JeffersonCounty 33
5. Pasco County 33
6. Osceola County  31
7. Calhoun County  30
8. Jackson County  29
9. Gadsden County  28
10. Marion County  27
11. LeonCounty  24
12. Sumter County  22
13. Hamilton County  21
14. Polk County  18
15. Walton County  17
16. Columbia County  16
17. Putnam County  16
18. Wakulla County  16
19. Brevard County  15
20. Citrus County  14
21. Orange County  13
22. Taylor County  13
23. Hernando County  12
24. Okeechobee Cnty  11
25. Highlands County  10
26. Levy County  10
27. Okaloosa County  10
Trophy WMA Lands
WMA Ranking Trophy Bucks
1. Eglin AFB  11
2. Half Moon  9
3. Richloam  9
4. Nassua  7
5. Citrus  6
6. Green Swamp  6
7. Bull Creek  5
8. Camp Blanding  5
9. Ft. McCoy  5

About the study:

This study included 825 trophy bucks taken in the last 5 years. (1996 to 2000). The highest scoring buck taken in the last 5 years was a 25 point buck scoring 206 (scored in velvet) taken in Green Swamp West WMA on 9-25-1999.

The second highest scoring buck was a 16 point buck scoring 179 taken in Alachua County on 11-11-2000.

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