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- Cleaning your Collector Knife -
Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives

Randall Knfe Model 8 Stag

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Randall Knife Model 25

 Randall Knives Trapper Knife Model 25

  (Before Brass Polishing)

(After Brass Polishing)

4) Cleaning your Knife
Clean the knife blade after use with mild soap and water.  Be sure to wipe the knife dry and apply a protective coating of light machine oil to the blade before putting it away.  Store the knife out of the sheath to protect both the knife and the sheath.

Maintain the luster of brass or nickel silver on your knife using a metal polish cream product like MAAS.  After polishing, protect the knife with a coating of Renaissance Wax on the blade, leather handle, stag handle, brass, nickel silver and most any other handle material.  The micro-crystaline wax polish will help keep the brass or nickel silver looking bright and new.


Do not attempt to remove stains, carbon spots or clean the knife blade using a buffing wheel and jewelers rouge.  This will alter the finish on the blade bringing the blade to a high luster mirror finish which may not be a match for the original finish.  Many knives have a matt or brushed metal finish which sets them apart from many other blades.  Re-finishing a collector knife blade should be left to the experts who have the correct equipment and techniques to restore the blade finish and maintain the crisp grind lines that form the profile of these unique cutting tools.

The Renaissance Wax product can be purchased from Midway USA and the MAAS metal polish is available at most discount retail stores and hardware stores.

  Knife Use and Care Tips
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Knife Collector Resources - Powered by eBay

Knife Collector Resources - Powered by eBay

Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives

Randall Knife Model 27 Trailblazer

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