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- Storing Your Collector Knife -
Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives

Randall Knife Model 23 with Black Sheath

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Randall Knife Model 25

 Randall Knives Trapper Knife Model 25


3) Storing your Collector Knife

How you store your knife is as important as how you use your knife.  The original coating on the blade is a metal preservative that locks out moisture and inhibits corrosion.   Knives with tool steel blades are susceptible to oxidation and can form "carbon spots", rust or corrosion on the blade surface.  These blades are preferred in many cases since they hold an edge better than other grades of steel and are easier to sharpen.  However, they require a little more attention to ensure the blade is stored clean, dry and has a coat of oil or other protective coating to prevent corrosion.  The blade, hilt and butt cap should not rest against a surface that absorbs moisture when stored so it is best to store the knife out of the leather sheath if it will not be used for an extended period of time.  Knives with stainless blades will resist corrosion when stored in the sheath but the hilt may oxidize where it makes contact with the leather leaving a mark on the leather that is not easily removed. 

A great way to store your knife for extended periods of time is to clean the blade, apply a protective corrosion resistant coating, then put the knife inside a zippered carry pouch and keep the sheath with the pouch.

A few collectors prefer to keep their knives packaged in the original paper wrappings to keep the knife, sheath, receipt and paper work organized with the original packaging but this is not convenient if you need to access the knife on a regular basis.


Protective Corrosion Resistant Coating

Many customers ask:  What is the best way to protect my blades from carbon spotting, corrosion and oxidation?  A protective coating is applied at the shop but there is often a need to remove the original shop applied coating.  The Boeshield T-9 liquid coating is one of the best corrosion inhibitors on the market.  The coating must be applied and allowed to dry for several days in order for the coating to remain on the blade.   The extended drying time gives the solvent in the T-9 enough time to evaporate and leave behind a heavy film of moisture resistant protection.
  Knife Use and Care Tips
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Knife Collector Resources - Powered by eBay

Knife Collector Resources - Powered by eBay

Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives

Randall Knife Model 27 Trailblazer

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