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- Using Your Knife -
Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives

Randall Knife Model 19 Stag Finger Grips

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Randall Knife Model 25

 Randall Knives Trapper Knife Model 25

Randall Knife Model 23 Stag
Randall Knife Model 23   "Gamemaster"
4-1/2" blade of 1/4" stock. Shown with nickel silver hilt, black and aluminum spacers, stag with finger grips, end plate.  This knife has seen many days in the field and has dressed out several elk by the original owner.  This knife photo was taken after many trips to the woods and as you can see the knife is in excellent condition.

Using your Knife
Quality knives are a great investment because they hold their value. They are an even better investment when they are used and cared for correctly because they provide tremendous utility and still retain their value even after extensive use in the field.  Many people are reluctant to use a higher priced knife because they are concerned it will affect the value or make it more difficult to sell one day in the future.  The fact is that a correctly used knife is still a quality knife and as long as it has not been abused, there will be a buyer who is looking for just that model or handle configuration who recognizes its value regardless of whether it has been used or not. 

Careful consideration should be given however, in the case of a knife that is a rare or already very old collector knife.  It makes sense to preserve the older and rare knives as collectors as you would any other item that has a high intrinsic value due to its age, limited numbers of production or other unique quality.

A good example knife that has been used in the field and has held its value is the Model 23 shown above.  It was carried in a hunting saddle pack out west for several years and was used to dress several elk.  The strongest testament to its days afield is the condition of it's original sheath.  The sheath is functionally sound but it is not much to look at since it has been exposed to the elements and has seen the wear that comes with the rigors of travel and field use.  This user knife needed some light clean up with nickel silver polish on the hilt and is as good as new.  The knife was used correctly (not abused) and is easily worth considerably more today that the day it first left the shop. 

Use the knife as a cutting tool.
  • Tool steel and quality stainless steels are not meant for use as a pry bar, lever or opening device since the heat treat process makes them hard and prying can fail the material in a non-ductile failure mode.
  • Do not cut hardened metallic or nonmetallic materials that can scratch the blade or easily wear away the fine edge.
  • Do not use a knife as a throwing knife unless it is specifically made for throwing and is capable of sustaining the force of hard  impacts.
  • Do not expose the blade to heat because the high temperatures can alter the heat treatment of the blade reducing hardness and limiting edge holding properties.
  • Do not sharpen the blade on a rotating stone that can make the blade hot and alter the temper or heat treatment of the blade.
  • Do not use the blade to loosen or remove screws or fasteners.
  • Do not use the blade as a scraper or to chop tough materials like bone.
Although there are many good blades on the market, one unfortunate alternative to buying and using a quality knife is to buy a knife that neither holds an edge or its value.

  Knife Use and Care Tips
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Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives

Randall Knife Model 27 Trailblazer

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