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- Randall Knife Buyer's Guide -
Randall Knives - Made in USA
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives
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Randall Knives Skinner Knife Model 11
Randall Knives Model 11-5

Randall Knife Resources
Randall Knife Resources
Randall Knife Model 1 Stag
Randall Knives Model 1-7 APFK
Randall Knife Model 25
Randall Knives Model 25-6

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We buy Randall Knives
1. Describe your Randall Made Knife using our standard email questionnaire.
2. We reply with an offer price and shipping instructions.
3.  Receive payment for your Randall Made Knife.

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Randall Knife - How to Order Your First Randall Knife

Ordering a Randall Knife from the Randall Knife Shop
A number of our site visitors have asked for information on how best to order a custom knife from the Randall Knife shop and we hope this short guide will help shed some light on the process.  Your best source of information will come directly from the folks at the Randall Knives Shop.

Selecting the right knife to order from the Randall Knife shop can be a challenge in itself.  The best bet is to get your hands on a number of different models but the opportunity to handle a variety of Randall Knives at one time is a rare event for many would be buyers.  The model you choose is the most important first step and depends on the way you intend to use your knife or in the case of a collector knife, which style appeals the most to your interest.  A current visitor poll ranking of Randall Knives outdoorsman knives and military knives (see visitor poll below on this page) will help you see which models are popular with other Randall Knife owners.  (Be sure to cast your vote when you know which models are your favorite for each application.)  Be sure to check for knives currently available at bp-Outdoors.com and if you don't see what you want - we may be able to help you find one you are looking for - just email us with your request.

  1. Order a Randall Knife catalog from the Randall Made Knives Company.  The catalog provides excellent detail on which features and options can be selected for specific models.  Be sure to read the Faqs page for common questions before placing your order.

  2. Decide if you want a knife suited for the outdoorsman or for military use.

  3. Select a blade style, blade length and material that meets your needs or suits your taste.  Decide if you want the blade material to be the standard carbon tool steel (Grade O-1) or upgraded to high carbon stainless steel (Grade 440).  Tool steel is slightly better to hold an edge and re-sharpen but requires more care to prevent rust and oxidation.  The high carbon stainless used by the shop is less maintenance from a corrosion standpoint  and holds a good edge as well.

  4. Select your handle style, material and features.  The standard for many sporting knives is stacked leather and many upgrade options are available.  Most military knives are standard with Micarta.  Handles can be made of stacked leather, stag horn, Micarta, wood, etc...

  5. Select between standard brass hilt on most models or an upgrade to nickel silver.  If you select a butt cap you will want the material to match.  Duraluminum is also an option for the butt cap.

  6. Other options to consider include a compass, finger grips, wrist thong and there are many others.  (Refer to the catalog.)  Note that there is a limit to how many options you can include on your knife and you will need to have those choices made when you place your order.

  7. Make a detailed list of your choices.  Organize your choices in order from the front of the blade to the back of the handle.  The examples below define the model number and blade length (Model 3 with 6" blade would be a 3-6), blade material either Carbon tool Steel (CS) or Stainless Steel (SS), hilt material Nickel Silver (NS) or Brass, handle shape and material, end cap style and material, and other options.
    Examples:  RMK 3-6, CS, Brass Hilt, Stag Handle, Brass Butt Cap.
                     RMK 5-7, SS, NS Hilt, Black Micarta Border Patrol, wrist thong, compass.
                     RMK  8-4, SS, NS Hilt, Stag Handle, NS Butt Plate.

  8. Ordering directly from the shop is the best way to get the exact features and options you want but there is an extended waiting period that can be as long as 4-5 years due to the popularity of these fine knives and a backlog of orders from customers. Go to the Randall Knives web site for contact and ordering information. 

    Note that bp-Outdoors.com does not take custom orders for Randall Knives but we may be able to help you find one already made, that meets your needs.  Be sure to review our partial listing of our Currently Available Randall Knives.

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Model 1-8 Stag and 1-6 Stag red white and blue spacers.

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Knife Use and Care Tips
This series of 10 pages on knife care will help you decide how best to use and care for your knives whether they are every day users or treasured collectors for display and safe keeping.
    1. Knife Tips Start page 
    2. Using Your Knife
    3. Storing Your Knife
    4. Cleaning Your Knife
    5. Sharpening Your Knife
    6. Display Your Knife
    7. Photograph Your Knife
    8. Collector Knife Tips
    9. Selling Your Knife
    10. Knife Accessories
Continue through the helpful tips pages by following the drop down navigation menu below.
  Knife Use and Care Tips
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Randall Knives in Action

Randall Made Knives

Randall Knives -
Sheath knives, designed and forged, creating blades of the hunting, camping, fishing, bowie, outdoor, and cutlery styles

Randall Knife Society

Randall Knife Talk Forum
(previously: Randall Knife Society.com)
For people who love Randall Knives.

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Randall Knives

Randall Model 1 Stag
Model 1-7 Stag "Fighter"
Randall Knife Model 1-7, Brass Hilt, Red White and Blue Spacer and Curved Stag Handle

Randall Knife - Retailers

Currently Available Knives
Randall Knife Sales -
Randall knives from bp-Outdoors.com use "Buy it Now" to get the knife you need.

Randall Knives -
On line order form direct from the Randall web site. (There is a waiting list to receive your knife.)

A. G. Russell Knives -
Authorized dealer - selection of Randall Knives varies but you can order directly from A. G. Russell Knives.

Capt. Chris Stanaback Knives Sportsman Services -
The largest "authorized" Randall Knife dealer in the South.

Nordic Knives -
Largest west coast Randall Made Knives dealer, and can now deliver your finished knife in a shorter time period than a direct Randall order. We also offer a wide range of both folding and fixed blade custom made knives.

Plaza Cutlery - (Closed)
Plaza Cutlery carries a large selection of custom knives in addition to factory made folding knives, fixed blade & specialty knives. Also full lines of kitchen cutlery, swords, scissors, manicure sets, clocks, beer steins, Swiss watches and SureFire flashlights with accessories are a few of the other categories we stock.

Treeman Knives
A recognized specialty of Jim's are Scagel-styled knives and camp axes, a reflection of the appeal the outdoors holds for him. However, his work encompasses a wide variety of knives, including his own designs and replicas of time-honored classics.

Blue Star Knives - (No Longer Active)
Bigfork, MT
(was) http://www.bluestarknives.com/

Established in 1995, and located in Northwest Montana.  Best known in the knife community for our work as writer's of Randall Knives - A Reference Book.  Also, the Randall Made Knives Timeline - The Quick Reference Guide' series for RMK collectors, now in its 3rd edition.

Randall Collector - (No Longer Active)
(was) http://www.randallcollector.com/
Specializing in early Randall knives from the 1940s through the 1960s with emphasis on Fighting Knives. 

Ricks Knives - (No Longer Active)
(was) http://www.ricksknives.com/
Rick Ward, Authorized Dealer of Randall Made Knives.

Spaceport Cutlery - (No Longer Active)
(Previously Run by Perry Miler)
(was) http://www.spaceportcutlery.com
Good selection of current and vintage Randall knives.

Vintage Knives - (No Longer Active)
(was) http://vintageknives.com/
Vintage Knives-Yesterday in the Palm of your Hand

Randall Knife - History

Randall Knives -
A summary of the history  behind the Randall Made Knife.  The story of the Scagel knife that started it all, the military servicemen who used the Randall Knife in combat, and the events that led to the current day operation.

Time Line Chart:  A. G. Russell Knives -
Timeline for collectors of Randall Made Knives. This time line begins in 1937 and runs into 2003 with notes on sheaths, pouch stones, snaps, spacers, blade steels, and just about any thing else that might serve to help assign a time to a Randall knife.

The Randall Story - Knife World - (Now Knife Magazine)
"The Randall Story" by Jim Williamson. from the April 1999 issue of Knife World.

Randall Knives in Action

Chuck Grist and Randall Knife
American Ranger.blogspot -
Read this blog by By Sergeant First Class Chuck Grist - A veteran of Vietnam (1970-71) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004).  Look for the "Journey Of A Knife" entry to learn about his Randall Knife story in Vietnam and Iraq.  We are proud of him and his service to our country!   Keep up the good work and the great writings Chuck!

* Randall Knife Gallery *
* Randall Knives *

Randall Knives
Hunting, Fishing and Military Knives
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Randall Knife Denmark Special

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