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- Field Notes - Better Bass Fishing - Lesson 1
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Bass Fishing

Better Bass Fishing - Lesson 1
By Pete Douvarjo - Eggemoggin Guide Service

Welcome to my first column dealing with tips and techniques on being a better Bass fisherman (or woman). While we have many fine Largemouth lakes and ponds here in Maine the Smallmouth Bass is really the king! Pound for pound there is nothing in freshwater that compares! Great fighters....they can jump 4 feet in the air.... tail walk the length of the boat and generally make a real accounting of themselves. Unlike Largemouth, Smallies don’t give it up after a short struggle. A Smallmouth will fight you for every inch you gain! I don’t want to belittle Largemouth. I love them and spend plenty of time chasing them. There are many similarities between them as well as differences. I’ll be touching on both as this column goes on over time.  This column will deal with techniques and tactics that work great for my clients. We catch between 20 and 40 Smallies about every day out. What I want you all to get from these musings of mine is that being a consistent and successful angler need not be as intimidating as it might seem. You need not go out and spend $30,000.00 on a fancy bassboat. You don’t need to go to your local world famous outfitter and buy a $500.00 rod and reel, AND the thousands of dollars you can spend on the rest of it.

Rule #1:  THE FISH DON’T CARE!  Folks, the fish don’t care what kind of boat you have. Some of my fondest memories are of fishing out of a beat old Coleman canoe!  They don’t care if the vehicle you’re pulling that rig with is a brand new forty thousand-dollar SUV or a 1962 Volkswagon Microbus.  They don’t care whether you got your rod and reel from LL (you know who), or the local Walmart.  They don’t care if your attire consists of Gore tex boots and fancy fishing shorts and shirt, or if you wear a pair of cutoff jeans and some old stinky sneakers! Fish aren’t real fashion conscious. 

You can be a pretty good fisherman from shore but even a rowboat or canoe will increase your success greatly.  If you can get your hands on an electric motor you get quiet clean propulsion without actually rowing or paddling. You can purchase a small trolling motor for around $100.00 and a decent battery for around $75.00. A good battery and smaller motor will last for a whole day of fishing.  How you get on the water and how fast you “get there” matter much less than knowing the fishes behavior, patterns and movements. Go to the local big name department store and you can get a perfectly good spinning rod and reel combo for $50 to $75 bucks. Add a few simple lures and you’re ready to catch more
bass than you ever thought you could!

Starting in next month’s column I will begin to tell you which lures will work consistently for you. We’ll talk about colors (I have some real eye opening opinions about that!) Also, how to rig them and what techniques will work for you!  Please keep one thing in mind: Fishing is a much simpler activity then you have been led to believe and I will be here monthly to show you that catching fish ain’t rocket science!  Be sure to read my next column.... I’ll be telling you all about the best Smallmouth Bass lure in existence…stay tuned!

Tight lines! - Capt’ Pete
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