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Equine and equestrian events, horseback trail riding, working horse, shooting horse, horse chat
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- Biking Adventures -
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Mountain Biking and Outdoor Adventures
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Adventure Travel
Bike tours and mountain bike travels are favorite ways to get around and see the world and enjoy the outdoors.

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 Bike tours and mountain bike travels are favorite ways to get around and see the world and enjoy the outdoors.

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Mountain Bike News
Cycling News

Outdoor Travel and Mountain Biking Adventures

Bike tours and mountain bike travels are favorite ways to get around and see the world and enjoy the outdoors.  We try to keep up with road and trail bike news and related biking information.

A mountain bike is for off-road cycling but is often used for a variety of smooth and aggresive terrains. Ride across rocks, washouts, steep declines, on dirt trails, logging roads, and other unpaved paths and trails. These bikes should be built tough to handle off-road use with obstacles such as dirt, logs and rocks. Tires are wide and knobby for traction on uneven terrain.  Gearing may go up to 30 speeds for climbing and steep descents.

Get your bike, gear and get started.  Utilize the web to find riding trails in your areas or plan a trip around a location where you want to ride and see the country side.  Use the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) and other resources listed below to learn more about riding and finding places to ride.

Regardless of where you ride, close to home or far away, be sure to keep safety in mind.  Helmets, protective gear and cell phones are easy to forget.  Make a list of required items with safety in mind - hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.  A compact first aid kit and water are also essential for any bike adventure.

Start riding short distances and build your way up to longer treks.  Do not ride alone.  Find a friend or team up with a family member.  Be aware your strength, endurance and physical capabilities and use feedback from your body to determine how far you can travel.  Plan your rides and ride responsibly to ensure you are abe to stay in the game.

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Outdoor Adventures and Bike Touring Travel Destinations

Adventure Cycling Association -
Tours and resources for the touring and recreational cyclist.

IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) -
Mission is to create, enhance and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers worldwide.

USA Cycling Association -
The national governing body for bicycling in the United States

Around the World by Bicycle ... Travis -
Includes a travel journal, photos of the trip, and MPEG movies.

Bike Touring Circa 1980 -
A part of The History of Photography as told by Matthew Cole, but with a major divergence into bike touring equipment as of 1980.

Bike Vacations, Tours in Hawaii and Europe. -
Tours, rates, dates, terms, participation form, photographs, and contacts.

Bikes behind the dikes -
Inspiration and information for cycling in the Netherlands. Rides, hotels, maps, checklist, and contacts.

biketrip.org -
The bike packers forum. Pictures, links, forum, articles, tips, travelogues about bicycle travels.

Cycling Around The World -
Travelogues, tips and photographs for around the world cyclists.

iExplore: Mountain Biking -
National Geographic's travel resource for planning and booking a mountain biking trip. Research mountain biking destinations, tips and advice, mountain biking gear, book a trip.

International Bicycle Travel Forum -
A platform to bring traveling cyclists around the world together. Special boards for discussions about equipment, countries, health, and finding a cycling partner.

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages -
Dozens of articles on bicycle camping (bikepacking) and long-distance bike travel, cycling fitness and health, bicycle traffic safety, bicycling advocacy, cyclist humor, and links.

KiwiVelo -
Training camp for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes to do pre-season training in the New Zealand summer. Trainibg, racing, English school, packages, faq's, and contacts.

Klent's Bike Page -
Information and advice on long distance bicycle touring.

Mike's Mega Bicycle Links -
Bike links and information on cycling, concentrating on touring information.

Mountain Bike Routes UK -
Publishers and sellers of mountain bike tour guide packs for England, Scotland and Wales. Packs contain all the information needed to plan and complete a route.

MTBtour.org -
A community and resource site for mountain bike tourists.

Tailwinds Adventure Magazine -
Touring information and travellogues from around the world.

The Touring Site -
An open source site focused on bicycle touring. Find information on planning, news, reviews, and advice, all written by fellow bicycle tourers. A global bicycle touring community.

Tour Tales -
Adventure stories written and submitted by people who tour by bicycle. Information on equipment, route finding, camping, and carrying your food and water.

Touring on Bikes -
Descriptions of west coast, U.S.A. cycling tours, plus tours the authors have taken on the east coast and in Europe.

Travel to the Horizon -
Information on bicycling in all parts of the world.

Travel with Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other) -
Provides travel tips for bringing a bicycle on an airplane, by railcar and other public transportation methods. Provided by readers of rec.bicycles.rides and other related newsgroups and mailing lists.

Velo Hospitality Bike Friendly Accommodation -
A directory of bike-friendly accommodation. Bed and Breakfasts, inns, campgrounds, university residences, hotels and motels that welcome cyclists.

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