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Wildlife Art and Nature Art Festivals
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Outdoor, Nature and Wildlife Art

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival - PWAF.org
PWAF.org  (November)

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Wildlife Art Auctions - Powered by eBay

Nature, Wilderness Scenes, Wildlife and Marine Art Works

American Made Knives Print - Artist Series - Limited Edition Prints - Randall Knife Model 26 Pathfinder

American Made Knives Print Series

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival - http://www.pwaf.org/
November: The Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival has become one of America's premier wildlife and sporting art festivals.  "The combination of the traditions of hunting, land management and art in Thomasville," said sculptor Walt Matia, "make the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival a unique and compelling venue."  Explore room after room of sculpture, painting, photography, master crafters, carving, and jewelry as your family enjoys entertaining and educational supporting events and a fun festival atmosphere.  Supporting events including agility and field trial dog demonstrations, a living butterfly habitat, the Flowers Foods, Inc. Wild Discovery Center, live animal encounters and so much more for families, children and wildlife collectors.

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition http://www.sewe.com/
February:  Event and booth registration, schedule of events, and other information for this festival held each February.

American Society of Marine Artists http://www.americansocietyofmarineartists.com
Recognizes and promotes marine art and history, and encourages cooperation among artists, historians, and enthusiasts. Includes gallery and artist index.

Bateman, Robert - http://www.robertbateman.ca/
Robert Bateman, a Canadian artist, environmentalist, and naturalist lives on Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada. Although famous for his wildlife paintings, Robert Bateman is also a lecturer and author on art, nature, conservation and the environment.

Coheleach, Guy - http://www.guysart.com/
Wildlife Artist Guy Coheleach is a master at both realistic and impressionistic wildlife art. Nature art from big cats to birds of prey, Guy Coheleach's wildlife art is exceptional.

Grimm, Adam - http://www.adamgrimm.com/
Adam’s mission through his artwork is to celebrate the awesome beauty and power of nature. His ultimate desire is to channel his love of the outdoors through his paintings, to be shared with all those who view them.

Hillier, Matthew - http://matthewhillierart.com/
Matthew Hillier's extraordinary wildlife paintings offer the viewer a unique vantage point. His paintings express more than the physical characteristics of a species; they reveal something of its personality. "I will paint anything that moves. I paint animals because I love animals, and part of loving animals is being concerned about what's happening to species in the wild."

Isaac, Terry - http://www.terryisaacsart.com/
Terry Isaac's official web site, included here is a collection of Terry's art work.

Reece, Maynard - http://www.maynardreecegallery.com/
Maynard Reece combines a love of nature and a talent for art which have made him America's foremost wildlife painter. He is considered one of the founding fathers of wildlife art as we know it today.

Rogers, Julia - http://www.juliarogersart.com/
Being an artist and painting nature was inevitable. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay on the eastern shore of Maryland has had a strong influence on Julia since childhood. Her mother, an artist, and her father, a sportsman and wildlife enthusiast, it’s not surprising that she began drawing landscapes and animals at a very young age.

Ruthven, John - http://www.ruthven.com/
John A. Ruthven, naturalist, author, lecturer, and internationally acknowledged master of wildlife art is often called the "20th Century Audubon." Ruthven uses the same techniques as his famous predecessor. After studying and researching his subject thoroughly, he sketches to rigid specifications then renders the original painting with great detail.

Seerey-Lester, John & Suzie - http://www.seerey-lester.com/
Award winning artists John & Suzie Seerey-Lester present their outstanding wildlife art paintings, as well as plein air and nostalgic paintings, and figurative portraits.

Wicks, Derek C. http://www.derekwicks.com/
Canadian wildlife artist offering prints and original works for sale.

Most Watched Art Auctions - Powered by eBay

Nature, Wilderness Scenes, Wildlife and Marine Art Works

American Made Knives Print - Artist Series - Limited Edition Prints - Randall Knife Model 14 Attack

American Made Knives Print Series

Augusta, Chris http://www.chrisaugusta.com/
Featuring paintings in pastel, oil, watercolor and mixed media with travel, wildlife, and natural history themes.

Baer, Roby http://www.robys.com/
A wildlife artist offering fine art and limited edition prints.

Bauer, Brent http://www.interoceanstudio.com/
InterOcean Studio. An artist and scuba diver offering signed, limited edition prints of realistic undersea wildlife.

Bollinger, Deborah J. http://www.debbollinger.com/
Featuring a collection of representational watercolors, limited edition reproductions and note cards of wildlife and landscape subjects.

Brady, T.C. http://www.tcbrady.com/
Wildlife artist presents a portfolio of his original paintings and his bronze sculptures.

Bulder, Hans http://www.hansbulder.com/
Dutch artist working in primarily in oils. Major themes include European wildlife, landscapes, and still life.

Canning, Gene D. http://www.genecanning.com/
Painter of nature - realistic paintings of wildlife, sporting dogs, nature, and the people of the country. Offering originals, prints, and plates.

Carey, Mike http://www.artbymike.com/
California artist offers prints of wildlife drawings and drawings of every day life in America.

Caughey, Katherine http://www.kcgallery.net/
Artist and Graphic Designer offering original paintings and limited edition prints, sculputures, and cards with wildlife and western themes.

Coheleach, Guy http://www.guysart.com/
Official site. Offers plates and books of his work. Extensive catalog of work shown.

Coleman, Ian http://www.colemangallery.com/
Offering award winning paintings of marinelife, mammals, and birds including originals and limited edition prints. Workshops offered.

Corbett, Lori http://www.WhisperingEagle.com/
Offering highly detailed original bird carvings, pen and ink drawings, and wearable art with wildlife themes.

Crandall, Vivi K. http://www.vivicrandall.com/
Browse and purchase Vivi prints and plates and view art work online.

Crawford, Lesley http://www.gaia-art.co.uk/
Gaia Art. Wildlife artist inspired by Mother Earth offering giclee prints, originals, and commissioned pet portraits.

Crowe, Becci http://www.Becci.com/
African and North American wildlife art including butterflies, flowers, and birds.

Davis, Sallie Lynn http://www.sallielynndavis.com/
Presenting an online gallery of highly detailed wildlife art in the form of animal paintings, murals and portraits. Native and exotic animals available as giclee prints, limited edition and original works.

Dickinson, Sue http://www.suedickinson.co.za/
Original wildlife paintings, prints, South African postage stamps, drawings, and portraits of Africa's people.

Doran, Gary http://www.drawn2wildlife.com/
Drawn2Wildlife - Wildlife artist selling signed and numbered limited editions reproduced from his original wildlife paintings and drawings.

Duerksen, Russ http://www.russduerksenart.com/
Wildlife artist known for duck and habitat stamps presents a variety of wildlife prints with themes that include big game, upland game, song birds, predators, and fish.

Estes, Trudy Lee http://www.trudylestes.com/
Original wolf paintings and limited edition giclee prints, signed and numbered, by the artist.

Farrell, Greg http://www.gregfarrellart.com/
North Carolina wildlife artist offering originals, reproductions, and other products are available for purchase online.

Ferrante, Joe http://www.joeferrante.com/
Offering highly detailed originals and limited edition prints of wildlife, wolves, waterfowl and birds in their natural settings in British Columbia Canada

Fields, Marguerite http://www.margueritefields.com/
Offering Native American and Wildlife prints and paintings of wolves, horses, and other wild animals living in harmony with man.

Garrett, Gary D. http://www.garrettstudio.com/
New Mexican artist offering original paintings and limited edition giclee prints. Subject matter includes wildlife, southwestern landscape, the human form, and aviation.

Geisness, Duane http://www.geisness.com/
Professional wildlife artist featuring prints of winter scenes with wolves, snow leopards, chickadees, and a spectacular rendition of Holy Hill, Wisconsin.

Godfrey, Michael http://michaelgodfrey.com/
Featuring recent paintings from the artist's travels in the United States and Europe.

Harm, Ray http://www.rayharm.com/
Wildlife artist and field naturalist shows the last in his collection of limited edition fine art prints.

Heaton, Janet N. http://www.paintingsofwildlife.com/
Wildlife artist offering original paintings - watercolor, pastels and oils - and reproductions. Themes are the birds and mammals of Africa and North America.

Hedstrand, Susan http://www.susanhedstrand.com/
Creating and offering fine art etchings, pastel and watercolor paintings of horses, wildlife, and landscapes.

Houde, Marc http://www.houdeart.bc.ca/
North American wildlife depicted in drawings and reproductions. Located in Canada.

Jordan, Susan Knowles http://www.susanknowlesjordan.com/
Accomplished Maine wildlife artist offering limited edition prints and original paintings.

Kelley, David http://davidkelleyoriginals.com/
Offering originals and giclee prints of wildlife and other natural subject matter prepared in a graphics style. Licensing available.

Knapp, Mark http://www.mknappartworks.com/
Visual artist working in watercolor, oil and pastels. Specializing in Alaskan landscape and wildlife art. Offering limited edition prints and paintings for sale. Also available for commissioned artwork.

Kulik, Peter http://absolutearts.com/portfolios/p/pavouk/
Poet and artist specializing in wildlife images.

Lambson, Hayden - http://www.lambsonart.com/
Idaho wildlife artist, features his work on muledeer, whitetail, elk, spectacular scenery, fox, wolf, pheasant, bear bronze statues.

Latham, Karen and Rebecca http://www.lathamstudios.com/
Realistic wildlife, miniature and nature paintings. Original artwork and limited edition lithographic prints.

Lawrence, Rod http://www.rodlawrence.com/
Wildlife artist offering original works, limited-edition prints, workshops, books, cards, and sculpture. Includes wildlife events, tour of studio, and guest book.

Lee, Sylvia http://www.artworkdakota.com/
Dakotah Graphics - Original paintings and limited editions have sold and hang throughout the USA, Canada, and England. Wildlife is her speciality.

Lehnhardt, Doug http://dougsart.net/
Offering wildlife, landscape, and fantasy paintings in acrylic on canvas. Originals and prints available.

Lillpop Russell, Jocelyn http://www.wildlifebronzes.com/
Wildlife art and sculptures. A complete collection of bronze sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings. Includes artist resume, bio and contact information, and schedule of shows and events.

Mallard, Stuart J http://www.mallardart.com/
Signed, limited edition prints of canine and wildlife studies.

Mark-Finberg, Laura http://pawildlife.com/
Mark Wildlife Publishers. Offering photo-realistic fine art wildlife original paintings and prints.

Martin, G.R. http://www.grmartin.com/
Wildlife artist offering highly detailed limited edition prints and commissioned works.

Massť, Gloria http://gloriamasse.ca/
Unusual works by Canadian Artist.

McClung, Catherine http://www.catherinemcclung.com/
Offering highly detailed watercolor paintings, limited edition prints, and cards of birds and wildflowers.

McGovern, Randy http://www.mcgovernwildlife.com/
Wildlife artist featuring limited edition prints with hidden animals in the background. Art subjects include birds, dogs, cats, horses, wolves, fish, big game and landscapes.

Miller, David http://davidmillerart.co.uk/
Realistic representation of fish in their natural environment, salmon, trout, and grayling. British wildlife and birds.

Morrison, Bruce A. http://www.morrisons-studio.com/
Crazy Coot Publishing. A wildlife artist offering fine art originals, limited and open edition prints, and photographs. Themes range from landscapes to its flora and fauna.

Murry, Dee Dee http://www.deedeemurry.com/
A nationally known wildlife artist, her highly detailed acrylics, oils and pencils of wildlife and pets have earned many awards.

Nichols, Jeff http://www.jeffnicholsart.com/
Captures the sensitivity of Mother Nature in his drawings and watercolors. Prints and originals available.

Oki, Peggy http://www.peggy-oki.com/gallery/gallery.html
Wildlife artist painting in watercolor or oil; subjects include dolphins, whales, wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, tropics, surfing, desert landscapes, Joshua Tree National Park, and flowers.

Pierce, Dylan Scott http://www.dylanpierce.com/
Watercolor, mixed media, and colored pencil, wildlife artwork of child prodigy.

Querry, Diane http://www.querryart.com/
Paintings of African images and other wildlife. Also wildly colored cats.

Rigby, Adrian C. http://originalwildlifeart.com/
Original wildlife art and bird art, using as reference animals and birds seen at wildlife preservation centers and others found free ranging in their native habitats. Also titanic and aviation paintings.

Solberg, Morten E. http://www.mortenesolberg.com/
Mort paints in oil, acrylic, and watercolor and his techniques range from photo-realism to total abstraction, with the combination of both being his most popular.

Spera, Edward http://www.vaxxine.com/untamedart/
Detailed acylic paintings and drawings inspired by personal experiences with the subjects in their natural habitat. A collection of originals and prints.

Swanson, Trevor http://www.trevorswanson.com/
A showcase for a wildlife artist including original paintings, prints and plates, and a feedback option and biography on the artist.

Trudel, Gerald http://www.geraldtrudel.com/
Canadian wildlife artist and sculptor offering original paints, limited edition prints, and sculptures.

Turanchik, Jim http://www.jturanchik.com/
Wildlife artist offering original watercolors of North American birds, limited edition prints, reproductions, and note cards.

Tyler, Clive - http://www.clivertyler.com/
Clive R. Tyler doesn’t just paint landscapes—he studies them, reconsiders them, inhabits them and paints the whole experience. He primarily paints landscapes, but there are also a lot of wild animals in his paintings.

Watson, Allison http://www.allisonwatson.com/
Original landscapes and giclee reproductions, featuring Florida and the Everglades.

Wells, Ronnie http://ronniewells.com/
Original paintings, limited edition prints, and bronze sculptures by wildlife artist.

Zickefoose, Julie http://www.juliezickefoose.com/
Appalachian wildlife artist and writer's online portfolio. Her primary focus is on bird art.

Most Watched Art Auctions - Powered by eBay

Nature, Wilderness Scenes, Wildlife and Marine Art Works

American Made Knives Print - Artist Series - Limited Edition Prints - Randall Knife Model 25 Trapper

American Made Knives Print Series

Antler Carvings http://www.antler-carvings.com/
Wildlife art in the form of antler carvings, wood carvings, horn carvings and antler furniture by Wyatt and Dan Bridge.

Country-Art.com http://country-art.com/
Terry Redlin prints (Encore, Encore Canvas, Elite, Legacy, and Limited edition prints), Michael Sieve prints (deer and buck prints) & the Wild Wings' wildlife, landscape, Native American, hunting, duck, turkey, loon, pheasant, and fishing prints of their 31 artists.

Countryside Studio http://www.countrysidestudio.com/
features quality limited-edition wildlife art prints.

Northern Promotions http://www.northernpromotions.com/
Offers framed limited edition prints of North American fauna.

Wyland Galleries http://www.wylandgalleries.com/
Offers originals and reproductions. Other artists work also offered.

Most Watched Art Auctions - Powered by eBay

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