Creek Chub Bait Company antique and vintage collector fishing lure information and resources.
Creek Chub Bait Company antique and vintage collector fishing lure information and resources.
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- Creek Chub Antique Fishing Lures -
Fishing Tackle and Fishing Gear
Antique Fishing Gear, Lures, Rods & Reels

Antique Lures Creek Chub Pikie - Creek Chub Bait Company antique and vintage collector fishing lure information and resources.

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Antique Lures Creek Chub River Scamp 4301 - Creek Chub Bait Company antique and vintage collector fishing lure information and resources.
Creek Chub Bait Company - C.C.B. Co.
Located in Garrett, Indiana, the Creek Chub Bait Company was started by Henry Dills, George Schluthesis and Carl Heinzerling. Fishing and hard work would put into motion one of the largest producers of early day fishing lures.  The Creek Chub Wigglefish was originally marketed as the bait that was used by George W. Perry to land the 22-pound, 4-ounce world record largemouth bass caught in Georgia in 1932 however, the giant bass was actually caught on the Creek Chub Fintail Shiner.

Old Fishing Lure -
Information on the Creek Chub Bait Company antique lures including insight into the manufacturers and people involved, as well the history and the timeframe surrounding them.

Tackle Collecting -
Dedicated to antique fishing lures with an emphasis on lure colors from the top manufacturers of the day, covering the most collectible baits from the very beginning. I do not access values, as they change frequently, but focus on the history and dates produced from old catalogs.

Most Watched Antique Fishing Lures - Powered by eBay

Most Watched Antique Fishing Lures - Powered by eBay

Antique Fishing Lures - Fishing Information

Creek Chub Bait Company - C.C.B. Co.

Creek Chub Bait Company produced models known as:
Baby Wiggler, Wee Dee (Plastic), Crab Wiggler, Crab Wiggler (Baby), Spoon Tail, Top N Pop, Husky Musky, Mitie Mouse, Pike Minnow, Deluxe Wag Tail Shiner, Giant Jointed Pikie, Baby Pikie Minnow, Creek Bug Wiggler, Cohokie, Nikie, Bug Wiggler, Snarkie, Mini-Cohokie, Fly Rod Pikie (Trout), Snark, Fly Rod Pikie (Bass), Snark-Eel, Big Creek Bug Wiggler, Injured Minnow, Baby Injured Minnow, Poly Wiggle, Silversides, Underwater Spinner Minnow, Wiggle Diver, Creek and River Fishing Lure, Striper Strike, Darter, Fintail Shiner, Striper Strike, Midget Pikie Minnow, Husky Pikie Minnow, Wiggle Fish, Baby Wiggle Fish,  Jointed Pikie, Baby Jointed Pikie, Weed Bug, Triple Jointed Pikie, Gar, Jointed Husky Pikie, Castrola, Plunker, Sarasota, Snook Pikie, Husky Injured Minnow, Lucky Mouse, River Rustler, Beetle, Sucker, Tarpon Pikie, Jigger, Jointed Midget Pikie, River Scamp, Flip Flap, Wiggle Wizard, Skipper, Fethi-Min, Wee-Dee, Jointed Darter, Close Pin, Spinning Wiggle Diver, Dingbat, Midget Dingbat, Husky Dingbat, Dingbat Plastic, Surface Dingbat, Jointed Snook Pikie, Dinger, Husky Dinger, Husky Plunker, Midget Plunker, Midget Beetle, Giant Pikie, Midget Dinger, Plunking Dinger, Pop N Dunk, Mouse, Tiny Tim, Baby Bomber, Dive Bomber, Big Bomber, Jointed Striper Pikie, Striper Pikie, Seven Thousand, Pocket Rocket, Snook Plunker, Surfster, Husky Surfster, Salt Surfster, Surf Popper, Surf Darter, Midget Darter, Viper, Spinning Darter, Ultra Light Darter, Spoon Tail, Spinning Plunker, Ultra Light Plunker, Spinning Pikie, Ultra Light Jointed Pikie, Spinning Injured Minnow, Ultra Light Injured Minnow, Spin Deepster, Crazy Fish, Fly Rod Lures, Flexible Floating Feather Minnow, Feather Casting Minnow, Bass Fly, Hopper Fly, Fly Rod Crawdad, Fly Rod Froggie, Fly Rod Cripple Minnow, Fly Rod Pop It, Fly Rod Mouse, Hum-Bird, Bug-A-Boo, Bug-A-Moth, Bug-A-Bass, Bug-A-Boo (Trout Size), Bug-A-Boo (Pan Fish), Bull Pup, Plunker Bass Bug, Plunker Trout and Pan fish Bug, Floating Fly Rod Minnow, Fly Rod Dingbat, Wicked Wiggler, Wigl-Y-Ring, Sinful Sal, Champ, Musky Champ, Saltwater Champ, Wiggle Jig, Streeker and Saltwater Streeker.

Fishing Tackle and Fishing Gear
Antique Fishing Gear, Lures, Rods & Reels

Antique Lures Hardy Minnow - fishing lures, old fishing lures, antique lures, Bagley, Bomber, Creek Chub Bait Company, Heddon, Pflueger, Rapala, Rebel, Shakespeare, South Bend, creek chub, pikie, scamp, wiggler, baby wiggler, musky, darter, fishing lures, old fish lures, old fishing baits, lure collector, old casting lures, old fishing gear, old fishing equipment

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