Bomber antique and vintage collector fishing lures and baits.
Bomber antique and vintage collector fishing lures and baits.
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- Bomber Antique Fishing Lures -
Fishing Tackle and Fishing Gear
Antique Fishing Gear, Lures, Rods & Reels

Bomber antique and vintage collector fishing lures and baits.

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Bomber Collector Fishing Lures

BOMBER Lure Company -

The Bomber Bait Company is the outgrowth of the fishing experiences of two Texas fishing buddies named ke Walker and C.S. Turbeville. Avid anglers in the mid-thirties and early forties, they spent most of their fishing time on North Texas impoundments, filled with trees and brush. This kind of fishing caused all sorts of problems for these early “structure” fisherman. The lures on the market at that time did not meet their needs.  They wanted a lure they could get down deep, and yet one that wasn't always hanging up on underwater structure.

To meet this special, and growing need, these enterprising anglers began to create and field test lure shapes they carved from discarded cedar power poles, given to them by the local power company. Walker and Turbeville crafted their lures metal parts from discarded tobacco cans. Hooks were taken from old lures, sharpened and mounted on their latest models. During WWII such materials were not readily available, thus they had to be creative in their pursuit of the perfect lure.

By 1946, they founded the Bomber Bait Company. Their modest production facility was headquartered in Turbeville’s garage. During the early years, the only lure made and sold was the now famous Bomber. In the early 1960’s, they began to design and produce other styles of lures. It was then they met, and later employed, a noted local angler, Floyd Mabry. Mabry traveled throughout the country fishing with leading outdoor writers, distributors and tackle shop owners, demonstrating the virtues of fishing with Bomber baits. Mabry became a true fishing legend when he was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame. Until his death in 1991, Mabry could be found almost every day, living his legend…fishing on his favorite lake, using his favorite lure…a Bomber.

A full range of Bomber lures have become favorites of anglers throughout the world. Every member of the Bomber team is dedicated to maintaining the heritage established by these lure industry pioneers - they proudly say, “To enjoy Bomber fishing…just tie one on!”

The following models are a part of the Bomber line of lures:
Model A's, Fat A's, Flat A, Deep Flat A, Fat Free Fingerling, Fat Free Shad, Fat Free Guppy, Fat Free Shallow, Suspending Pro Long A, Long A, Jointed Long A, Deep Long A, Magnum Long A, Jointed Magnum Long A, Heavy Duty Long A, Jointed Heavy Duty Long A, B26A Heavy Duty Long A, A-Salt, Pop'N Shrimp, Balsa B, B8500 Slab Spoon, B8700 Slab Spoon, B8800 Slab Spoon, B8900 Slab Spoon

Most Watched Antique Fishing Lures - Powered by eBay

Most Watched Antique Fishing Lures - Powered by eBay

Fishing Tackle and Fishing Gear
Antique Fishing Gear, Lures, Rods & Reels

Bomber antique and vintage collector fishing lures and baits.

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